Safe Houses

  • Squatter Level

Strogino District; Dootson Mini-Storage.
Z-zone; Anything goes. But don’t look too tough or well armed, or someone’s gonna want to steal your shit for themselves… If ever you need to hide, this might be a very good option. It’s private, difficult to find, but a little bit cramped, so you can’t do a whole lot in your nice new place.

Comforts and Necessities; 1
Security; 2
Neighborhood; 0
Qualities; Private Room, Safehouse, Cramped.

Price; 1020 ¥ / Month

Ramenki District; Rat’s Nest.

Z-zone; A mass of bodies and people, all hiding in long abandoned metro tunnels. People live in small ramshackle buildings or simply sleep on the tracks. Small criminals run wild, stealing from the drunken, drugged and sleeping. Perfect for a quick disappearance, or when you are truly down on your luck.

Comforts and Necessities; 1
Security; 0
Neighborhood; 0
Qualities; Cramped, Not a Home

Price; 100 ¥ / Month

  • Low Level

Butyrski District (Red Light District); Red Rug Hotel

Between the nightclubs and bars there are a large number of special hostels, where the ladies of the night spend their working hours. Through the mass of men and women entering and leaving the hotel, it’s easy to blend in. The neighborhood might be poor, and because of the screaming and moaning both from the rooms opposite your room and the nightlife just outside. It’s very secure though. The Bosslady even allows renters to use a secure safe to store worthwhile items, no questions asked.

Comforts and Necessities; 1
Security; 3
Neighborhood; 1
Qualities; Local Bar Patron, Discreet Deliverymen, Discreet Cleaning

Price; 2150 ¥ / Month

Pechatniki District; Megaplex

To some observers, the Moscow Megaplex (C-zone), with its large immigrant and metahuman population, seems more of an international and diverse city than something specifically “Russian” and corporate. The Moscow Megaplex, being one of the few places where immigrants are not bullied and killed bu the violent and racist gangs that lurk outside.

Comforts and Necessities; 3
Security; 3
Neighborhood; 2
Qualities; Public Transportation, Yard

Price; 2100 ¥ / Month

  • Middle Level

Gagarinski District; The Plaza

B-zone; home of many of the commoners, and littered with commercial and residential zones. It feels homely, safe, and above all, clean. There are no garbage piles, or litter anywhere.

Comforts and Necessities; 3
Security; 4
Neighborhood; 4
Qualities; Garage (Car_5), Grid Subscription.

Price; 5 150 ¥ / Month

  • High Level
  • Luxury Level

Tverskoy District; The Tsar Palace

AA-zone; The rich and mighty enjoy these super-suites. A magnificent view of Upper Moscow, Secure and comfortable homes, with room that include a workshop and armory. Custom fitted and build for shadowrunners by Artyom. The majority of the populace in the building are however very suspicious for strange/criminal behavior.

Comforts and Necessities; 5
Security; 5
Neighborhood; 5
Qualities; Workshop, Armory, Garage (Car), Grid Subscription.

Price; 100 500 ¥ / Month

Safe Houses

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