Yakuza are members of traditional organized crime groups that originate from Japan. In Japanese legal terminology, yakuza organizations are referred to as boryokudan, which more traditional “samurai heritage” Yakuza members consider an insult as boroyokudan is applied to any violent criminal.

Unlike many organized crime groups, like the Triads and the Mafia, which evolved from secret societies, the model of the Yakuza was the machi yakko, vigilantes protectors within the community (Although many citizens also view them as kabukimono or crazy ones, for their propensity toward violence, vulgar slang, and bizarre appearance) or the masterless samurai ronin. As a result, at least in the JIS and it’s protectorates, Yakuza groups maintain open offices, often with a wooden plank on the front door displaying the group name and their emblem. Yakuza members often wear sunglasses and flashy suits so that their profession can be immediately recognized by civilians. Members typically wear insignia pins on their suits, and, if needed, can display their tattoos or customized cyberware.

The Yakuza group are typically headed by the Oyabun or Kumicho, who issues orders to his subordinates, the kobun. This is a variation of the traditional Japanese social heirarchal structure of senpai-kohai (Senior-Junior). There are some exceptions to this, such as the Inagawa-kai, which operates with multiple kumicho, all of which share equal power within the organization.

Spheres of Influence


  • Butynski Ditrict
  • Timiryazevsky Ditstrict
  • Golovinsky District


  • Brateyevo District

Known Associates

They are led by: ?

Member: Katakana Gan

Member: Tagawa Takeichi


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